Frequently Asked Questions. 

Will you work with our vision of our wedding day?

We love working with our clients to truly capture the essence of your day, and we always encourage you to share any personal and creative aspects of your day that you'd like us to highlight. This process begins from the very first time we meet, and continues until the day of your wedding photograph. We feel that making you feel comfortable to share your ideas with us will result in photographs that deliver exactly what you have in mind. 

What is the copyright on my wedding photographs?

The photographs we give our wedding clients are licensed to be shared and printed on an unlimited basis, provided it is for personal* use only. We do not watermark our photographs.

We must ask that all Suzy Wimbourne Photography work must:
- Not be claimed to be the work of anybody else
- Not be resold
- Not be altered in a way that may damage the reputation of Suzy Wimbourne Photography
*Personal use only - For commercial and non-commercial enterprises, including blogs, you will be required to gain our permission first, so that we may be credited for our work and to ensure the copyright is not infringed. 

How long until I get my photographs? 

You should expect your wedding photographs to be completed within 3 weeks.

Will you travel to photograph my wedding?

Yes. We are available to photograph weddings in the UK, Europe and the Rest of the World

Do you use flash photography? 

We reserve flash photography until it is absolutely necessary as we prefer to make the most of the available, natural light.

What photography equipment do you use?

We've invested over the years to maintain a professional kit bag and we're always happy to answer any specific questions regarding what cameras and lenses will be used on your wedding day. 

Do you have insurance? 

We are fully insured for our equipment by aaduki and have public liability insurance to the sum of £2million each.